Handii can change YOUR LIFE forever!!




"I'm NOT DROPPING things like I used to, I've a BETTER GRIP"

"I do all sorts of things with my hands I HAVE NOT DONE IN YEARS"

"These are a GOD SEND!"


Relief from arthritis pain

I suffer from 2 forms of arthritis in my hands. It's very painful, but I've lived with it for most of my adult life. I was skeptical of the Handii Hands but thought I would give it a try. I started with the least resistance and have been working towards stronger resistance while focusing on increasing the repetitions I do on each hand. I have gained a significant increase in mobility and even more importantly , a relief from pain.One difference I have noticed is that I am able to grip my golf clubs in a way that i haven't been able to before and I am not longer afraid that i will I will lose my grip and the clubs will go flying.


Rose Margaret, Arthritis Sufferer-Windsor UK

My class loved them

I used these with my Senior Fitness class and they loved them.We normally use simple rubber bands for resistance and stretching for finger work. The majority of them preferred the red and green colors, and surprisingly a few preferred the blue. I wish you could buy a 4-pack of 2 green and 2 red. Only one participant, who recently had a stroke, preferred the yellow resistance.

Nicole, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Reduced Arthritis pain.

I have suffered from Arthritis in my fingers and hand for the past 5 years. Finding Handii and using them for the past 6 weeks has reduced the pain and increased the mobility in my finger joints. I use them for 10 minutes in the morning, lunch time and evening.

Dawn Yukon, Member of Superstition Mt Golf and Country Club - Gold Canyon Az

Best tool for wrist and hand strengthener especially to help with pain.

I have been using Handii Hands for the last 6 months for myself and with my clients and have found that the pain that I was having in my thumb joint and palm of my right hand is almost non exisistant. I have shared the Handii Hands with some of my golfing clients for hand and wrist and grip strength and they have all been amazed at the difference in their grip strength and their golf game. I have a client recovering from a stroke and numbness in 2 digits of his left hand.. he has gotten almost full strength back in just a few weeks .

Pamela Paley, Owner Core Motion Pilates and Fitness - Gold Canyon, Az

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