Increase Finger Dexterity
Reduce Wrist Pain

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Fingers Tingling, Aching? Wrist Pain? Stiff Joints? YOU NEED Handii!

Handii for Homeworkers

ProHandii Handii-Pack



Best tool for wrist and hand strengthener especially to help with pain.

I have been using Handii Hands for the last 6 months for myself and with my clients and have found that the pain that I was having in my thumb joint and palm of my right hand is almost non exisistant. I have shared the Handii Hands with some of my golfing clients for hand and wrist and grip strength and they have all been amazed at the difference in their grip strength and their golf game. I have a client recovering from a stroke and numbness in 2 digits of his left hand.. he has gotten almost full strength back in just a few weeks .

Pamela Payley

I train people online, This has transformed how I work.

how to build a successful business, constantly using my keyboard. With constant fine finger movements, I found after 2-3 hours a crippling pain in my fingers and back of my hand. Using Handii on a daily basis every hour or so, I actually set my phone timer. I am now pain free after just two weeks. I would strongly recommend anyone who is using there fingers and hands all day to get a set.

George Tritton Price- Ascot UK

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